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Don’t we all wish to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines that tags along with age, without the intervention of painful injections and other forms of complicated yet pricey cosmetic surgeries? Well, if you have been wondering of the same then here is good news for you. With the most recent advancements in cell rejuvenation technologies, it’s possible to erase line of aging and wrinkles both at the same time and here are some effective strategies.


Well, before we jump into the solution, it might just be a good idea to first learn the causes of the wrinkles and fine line that appear on our face and body, and then address the issue from internally for a youthful, firm and rejuvenated skin texture.

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Cause of Wrinkles:

With the advancement in age, the layers of our skin become thinner and thinner, as a result of loss of collagen and elastin fibres, which are protein that make up the skin. In other words, with age new skin cells significantly decrease its production. And while this occurs lesser quantities of collagen exist in the layers of the skin. Additionally, aging skin also has fewer amounts of antioxidants which results in more free radicals damage to the skin.


What does Thinner Skin mean?

When the layers of the skin become thinner, it becomes less firm. As a result of which ‘Wrinkling’ becomes evident and are more prominent. Pro-Collagens are the precursors to collagen fibres, are generally produced in cells. And because with age very few new cells are being generated, it directly impacts the number of collagen levels in the skin cells. And with the limited ability of the skin to neutralize the antioxidants, the free radicals in the environment and in the body tends to further damage the cells and collagens, as the fibres which are generated are poorer and weaker in degree.


It’s possible to assess the depth of the skin’s layers by utilizing a number of the most recent diagnostic tools. It’s also possible to assess the number of cells within the epidermis, in addition to the quantity of soluble collagen. It’s possible to nullify the amounts and effects of free radical molecules which exist in the cells, in addition to the number of antioxidants.

However, just understanding that wrinkles becomes more visible in our skin’s surface because of thinning skin cells, is all we will need to understand, except what are the measures we can take to prevent such a condition. So, here is what you can undertake for a firmer, tighter and wrinkle-free skin.


Thicker Skin causes Less Wrinkles:

The first and most vital step to fade wrinkles is to promote the production of new skin cells. Because more the number of cells, more is the depth of the skin’s layers. And they also assist in encouraging the growth of pro-collagens, in order to produce more collagen fibres in the skin. In addition to that, it’s crucial to supplement antioxidant levels, so that free radicals can’t harm and damage the cells and fibres. Now the question is how can we supplement the skin, right? Well there are two ways.


1. Skin creams that contain high percentage of amino acid protein complexes have shown to significantly stimulate the production of new skin cells. Which therefore results to an increased production of new collagen and elastin fibers. Clinical trials, scientific researches have also shown improvements as good as 160 percent after just 3 days of usage. That’s only if you can get hold of an authentic product.

Purpose of Anti-Aging Ingredients:

The foremost aim of anti-aging products is to safely and efficiently increase the firmness of your skin. And by adding firmness it helps lines and wrinkles to disappear significantly in texture. That is, the exact same way face lifts and collagen injections work on our body, (but it is highly advised not to undertake such procedures as they are risky, pricey and have quite a few failed outcomes). Rather you can turn to amino acid protein complex, as it has been demonstrated to improve skin youthfulness by up to 42% after less than three months of usage.


2. The next way to supplement your skin is to add a fish oil supplement. Because fish oil contains 2 major types of omega-3 fatty acids, namely docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) the one which greatly benefits the skin by regulating the production of oil in the skin and stimulation hydration. It also additionally helps prevent acne and delaying the skin’s aging process.

Hence, these are a few techniques which can help you to preserve and recover your skin’s firmness, tone and elasticity all at the same time, without the risks and complications involved in skin treatments and other cosmetic procedures.


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